How Do The Different Roulette Variants Differ From Each Other?

There are different types of roulette that are adapted to the different types of players online sports betting. While French Roulette and European Roulette count 37 numbers, so are English Roulette, but it is played differently. Because in English Roulette, only a limited number of players can try their luck. In contrast to the two other variants, colored tokens can also be placed. Despite the popularity of the first three variants mentioned, American roulette is currently the most played. There the number of fields is arranged differently, and you also find not only a zero but a double zero. In another variant, the Mexican roulette, you can even find a triple zero,!

The James Bond strategy (yoke and transversal)

Many strategies involve betting on red or black. With the James Bond strategy, however, you bet on different groups of numbers and the zero. This will cover 2/3 of the numbers on the roulette wheel, and you are unlikely to lose.

For this strategy to work, you must deposit at least $ 200. You divide this up and place 140 $ on the yoke (high numbers) and 50 $ on the six-sided transversal; these are the numbers 13 to 18. To secure yourself, place the last 10 $ on the 0.

Why can you win with the method?

  • If the number 19 to 36 (including the 19 and 36) falls, you will win at least $ 80
  • If the ball stops in the number series from 13 to 18, you will receive a profit of $ 100
  • And if the ball stops at 0, you would even get 160 $.

This means that you can only lose if the ball stops on a number between 1 and 12. In other words, this means that you win in 25 out of 37 cases, i.e., in more than two thirds, you win at least $ 80 and can receive up to $ 160.

If you assume that in the long run, every number will appear on the roulette wheel with exactly the same frequency, this method can lose an average of only $ 5.41 per game.

The 007 strategy makes roulette very safe and systematically minimizes losses. Beginners, in particular, benefit greatly from this rather safe bet.

The Big Number Strategy

With the big number strategy, you observe several spins in roulette and draw on which numbers tend to repeat themselves over and over again. If you see more than one number appearing more often, you can also select several numbers. You bet on all these numbers in the next round of roulette.

The strategy is actually quite simple, but you should be careful when a number stops repeating.

However, there are also dissenting voices that claim that one should not rely on numbers that have already been repeated many times. They say that a number is unlikely to be drawn a third or fourth time in a row, making the exact opposite of the strategy more meaningful.

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